wisspy asked:

How do you afford to travel around like you are? Did you save up loads of money for a while? I would like to be able to travel; a friend of mine suggests that I do so once I graduate with my B.A., but I think I should wait until I get my master's and have taught for a few years...I dunno. I think life is kinda complicated.

thelearningbrain answered:

I only wish I were independently wealthy, but sadly this is not the case. I saved up last year. Sold a bunch of artwork and cut back on my consumption. I have enough to last me about a year in the countries I’m going to — where the dollar holds a lot of weight. With the amount I saved, there’s no way I could live and travel comfortably in a place like Europe; it’s just too costly. 

I definitely recommend traveling. It’s not that hard to do it cheaply. But having a bit of savings you can dip into will make it much easier and more comfortable.